Rim Repair For Audi - DOn't tell your dealer

Can you get a rim repair for an Audi? The dealer said "No", but our customer came to us anyway.

Hi, this is Steve, Quality work is job #1 for us, but I have a passion for saving my customers money, too.

And here's what they got for 1/3 the price of a new wheel...

Can You Do A Rim Repair for a Bent Wheel on an Audi?

<<< Before

After >>>

Check Yes, on Rim Repair for Audi!

We're pleased, our customer is pleased, the car looks great.

How did we repair the Audi Wheel?

It wasn't easy, but my team are pros at this. It involved 4 major steps:

  1. CNC Cut
  2. Weld
  3. Straighten
  4. Paint

What did it cost to repair an Audi Rim?

The dealer wanted $700 (December 2015 pricing) to replace the customer's wheel. They said it couldn't be repaired.

We completed the rim repair for Audi at 1/3 of that price. It looks like new.

And they said it couldn't be done.  And that, is a good day at work.

We Love Audi

Audi makes great cars. That's why we stock Audi wheels, we custom fit quality wheels for Audi and we can even make your very own one of a kind custom wheel. We do it all. So if you're interested in an Audi, check out their Audi website.

But if you need a new set of wheels or a rim repair, you know where to go...

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